Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Verizon LG Ally Review

LG has been consistently developing its cell phones making the best of the rest since its foray into the business. LG Ally is one of the latest touch phones launched by LG. The phone is 4.56 inches in length, 2.22 inches in width and 0.62 inches thick. This phone comes with a standard QWERTY keyboard which is adequately sized. The adequately sized keys of the keyboard makes typing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The main USP of the phone is its screen which is a touch screen and measures 3.2 inches in size thus providing a huge display for videos, pictures etc. The screen has a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels making the videos and photographs (or images) extremely clear and bright. LG Ally comes in a color combination of black and silver. Its design is unique in itself. The phone is not much sleek yet it looks quite elegant. The phone truly has an appeal and vouches itself. In other words it is simple yet smart.

LG Ally’s internal memory is just 512 KB which is further extendable. LG Ally runs on Android 2.1 operating system giving it an extra edge. Android 2.1 enables it to run various new and novel applications/softwares thus making it all the more useful to its users. LG can be called a complete smart phone as it incorporates all the sophisticated features which a smart phone should such as Bluetooth wi-fi, radio and an android browser etc. The company has tried to encompass all the possible features it can in this phone and this is evident from the features mentioned above. There is a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 5 different resolutions thus offering the user a flexibility in choosing a particular resolution for a particular photograph.

When it comes to entertainment, LG Ally offers a plethora of options by supporting various audio and video formats such as .mpeg, .wmv, .wma and .mp3 to name a few. This huge array of formats which is being supported by the LG Ally gives the user a kind of flexibility and luxury to play videos with different formats.

LG Ally has standard lithium-ion polymer battery. The phone once fully charged gives a battery support of 7.5 hours which is quite good and is quite beneficial for those users who are always on the go. A long battery life is quite an essential feature for a smart phone and LG Ally scores full marks here.

Overall, the phone is good in performance, the design is compact and elegant plus an Android operating system which supports various new and novel applications and softwares and various high end features such as Bluetooth connectivity, wi-fi which enables faster and convenient connectivity to internet, a comfortable keyboard and above all a battery support of 7.5 hours which can be regarded as another USP of the phone along with its spacious screen. Moreover the phone provides a mind boggling entertainment options by supporting various audio and video formats. All these features makes LG Ally a truly attractive deal.

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